Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the chicks have landed!

Waiting for Chix -- this is a big Rubbermaid tub that I used to soak my scuba gear in after a dive. A fine home for baby chickens. I put pine chips on the bottom (the same stuff as for the hamsters) but then read that chicks tend to peck and eat that bedding. I covered the pine chips with old t-shirts (soft, absorbent, and no strings to cause trouble in chick tummies). It's in the laundry room, where it's easy to hang the heatlamp from the shelving.

Getting the Word -- I was expecting "the call" in the wee hours of the morning, so when it came time to leave for school and no word, I figured it wasn't the day. On a whim, I checked home messages around lunchtime, and YES! -- we had chickens at the Post Office! I ran home, turned on the heatlamp, and headed to the PO.

I don't care what anyone says, the U. S. Postal Service rocks!! And family of one of VG's classmates was on duty at the time, which was nice. You can see the shipping box in the photo. I could hear the peeping when I walked in the back door.


All seven babies arrived healthy and happy, if a bit listless. You can see that the Barred Rock bantam is already smaller than the others.

In this next clip, the chicks have been out of the box for less than 10 minutes. They've gotten warm, had a sip of sugar water and been shown the food. Much more energetic! And peeping like crazy. So far so good. I can't tell the two Barred Rocks from the Dominique, though.


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