Wednesday, August 13, 2008

meet the team

This site is about my little family's foray into backyard chickens. We are a mom and two kids in urban Metro Atlanta. Our neighborhood is circa 1920-1940, with small back yards, but the codes are very chicken-friendly. In fact, I think you can also keep goats in your backyard (don't worry mama, no goats for us!)

The kids have long wanted their very own pets (Kitty the cat predates the children). I like other people's dogs, but do not want to have one in my house. VG got a hamster last fall, which promptly turned into 5 hamsters! She still has Butterscotch, the mother, and Tiny, the runt. VB tried out hamster-ownership for a while, but decided it wasn't for him.

I've toyed with the chicken idea for a long time, and this summer was inspired by a high school contemporary to take the plunge. Check out her "adventure" at Save Sewanee Chickens.

The chicks arrive sometime next week (gulp). We're expecting 7 female chicks-- 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, one Dominique, one Easter Egger (Ameraucana), and a Bantam Barred Rock.

Wish us luck!

ps -- we ordered from, which though they seem to get their chicks from the same hatchery as other suppliers, has a shipping system to allow small orders (as few as 3 chicks).

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