Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blue bunny

Blue Bunny started off as a Christmas present for my niece, Miss A. Over Thanksgiving, she had a major meltdown over her cousin's Blue Bear, which went back to Virginia after the holidays. I have wanted to knit this bunny for some time, after seeing a lovely pink one at the fabulous Knitch in Atlanta's Virginia Highland neighborhood. Yay!

Blue Bunny didn't get started until a little too late to finish for Christmas, but fortunately Miss A.'s birthday is right after New Year's, so there was a second chance! Normally I pay close attention to both occasions (V-boy's birthday is also right after Christmas), but at four, the bundling of gifting days isn't as big a deal.

The pattern is from Knits, Knots, Buttons and Bows: Projects for Babies by Lynda Schar. See the pink bunny on the cover? The pattern calls for a soft wool; instead I used Bernat CottonTots in 'Little Boy Blue.' It's 100% cotton, soft and machine washable/dryable. Stuffing is plain ol' polyfil.

Gauge doesn't really matter in a project like this one, but I did check, and found that this yarn knitted smaller than the pattern. Since some of the directions are given in inches ('continue in stockinette for 6 inches'), and some in rows, I did my best to adjust the row counts so that Blue Bunny's arms and legs wouldn't be strangely out of proportion with his body.

The pattern is pretty straightforward. The feet have turned heels as for socks -- something about the directions didn't look right, so I did fall back on what I know about sock knitting to improvise. Otherwise this is a pretty simple toy to knit. And if you don't want to deal with turning the heel, you could make the legs the same as the arms.

It would be great if Blue Bunny becomes Miss A's favorite cuddly, but even if I end up loving Blue Bunny more than she does, it was worth it. Blue Bunny's a sweetie.

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