Thursday, January 15, 2009

why only four and a half?

I first started this blog when the kids and I were "expecting" -- our chicks to arrive in the mail, that is. The first few posts are about planning for the chicks, and then they arrived. Whew! Our cat died, school started, and taking care of two kids and seven chicks was too much for this one mom, so the blog waned.

Five months later, I'm still only just ahead of the tidal wave most days, but we're back into a decent routine. Our chicks are now pullets (mature enough to start laying ANY DAY NOW! but not hens until they're a year old) and we're down to five. One Barred Rock was a foster chick, and she's gone to live with her permanent family now. Lily, the Ameraucana, started crowing on Thanksgiving Day, and now lives on a horse farm about an hour east of Atlanta. Four of our flock - Raquel, White Storm, Silver and Lacey -- are regular-sized girls, but Baby Madge is a bantam, only about half the size of the others. She'll lay little eggs too. So, in FSHE (Full-Sized Hen equivalents) terms, we're a "4 and a half hen" family.

Thanks for asking. Welcome to our flock and I hope you enjoy our adventures.

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