Thursday, February 19, 2009

√ auction bibs

I love this grouping of colors, don't you?

For the past few years I've donated a hand-knit baby cardigan to my school's Financial Aid auction, but this year decided to go for a change. These bibs are 100% cotton Peaches & Creme yarn in a basic garter stitch. The tangerine bib on top is from Ann Shayne & Kay Gardiner's wild and wonderful Mason-Dixon Knitting. I've made a ton of these since the book came out -- must be something in the water around here :-) Lately, though, I've been going off-road, creating my own rendition of a garter-stitched bib with touches I like better. The most fun is the all the great colors of Peaches & Creme (and the Canadian equivalent, Sugar'nCream) "warshrag" yarn.

I hope somebody at the auction likes them as much as my cousin does. She raves about the one I made for her son every time I see them!

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