Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and the winner is . . .

Cristin!! I am sending an e-mail, but if you are checking, please send me your mailing info.

Here's how I got the winner -- since nobody entered who is in Central Asia right now, I gave one extra entry to Melissa, who is moving to an unspecified country in Central Asia in December. There were a total of 57 entries, and of all things, the random number generator came up with #2.

I have the very best intentions of putting the prize bib in the mail on June 3 (tomorrow) but I absolutely promise it'll be flying to Christin by the weekend.

Thanks so much to everyone who commented. This was fun, and I hope to hear from you again.

Prize-winning chicken photo by Kate Brown -
Creative Commons licensed photo from Flickr

Late Breaking News --

Christin says:
Awesome! The bib is gorgeous!! My little guy is 7 months old and he will certainly put this to good use:)

As for the something about me...I am a 27 year old SAHM to a 3 year old girl and her little brother and we live near Austin TX. I love blog hopping and attempting anything crafty in my "spare" time:) Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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