Thursday, June 11, 2009

in process

Here's a poorly photographed detail of the upcycled t-shirts designs. You'd think June would be a great time for natural lighting. But isn't the little chick silhouette cute?

On the other hand, this fabric detail from the new coasters in the shop is ok. I do have a weakness for adorable cartoon chickens. Real hens are funny, but I wouldn't exactly call them adorable.

Except maybe Baby Madge. Who is back in the thick of things since I took her off the nest and made her run around the yard for a couple of days, to remind her of the fun things (grass, bugs, kitchen scraps) she'd been missing. Still no tiny eggs, though one of the twins (Lacey & Silver, the Silver Laced Wyandottes) has been laying lots of double-yolked eggs lately. The doubles are so small compared to a regular yolk, though the egg itself is huge. Chickens are amazing critters.

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