Saturday, July 4, 2009

celebrate independence!

Isn't this flag cool? It's flying on a cottage in the community where I work in the summer. I only saw it yesterday, (probably luckily) too late to make one for our family this year. But what a great idea, especially if it could be made with handprints from every family member. This one is for sure a present and future family heirloom -- it's dated 1991.

We've a full day of community activities, starting with an 8 am flag raising & potluck breakfast, cat and mutt shows, crafts fair and parade. I'll be the cool mom (not!) driving the pickup truck and flatbed trailer for the summer league swim team float! From me, to my family, my community and our nation, for all our flaws, I am deeply grateful for all the unearned gifts we've been given.

Today I will spend some time thinking about the blessings, costs and responsibilities of independence. And then we'll all go watch the fireworks!

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