Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Bees are Coming!

Video & podcast interviewing Thomas Seely, author of Honey Bee Democracy.

So now I've got almost 3 years of chicken raising (mistakes and all) under my belt, I'm giving in to my desire for honeybees. It's the last in my trifecta of "chickens, bees, and goats" because, frankly, I ain't gonna' get goats in our backyard.

I went to the HoneyBee short course
at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in January. Quite honestly, I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know from reading books and online sites (I am a librarian, after all. Research is our business), but it was really nice to network and talk with folks I'd read about online. I met some people who have become lovely supportive mentors, and talked with others who have extensive experience in "off-road" beekeeping (ie, top bar, limited interventions, "bee guardians, etc.").

The night I got home I reserved two packages from Dixie Bee Supply (aka. The FatBeeMan), in Lula, a little hamlet in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. I was lucky and got the first hatch date available, March 18. That's like, next Friday!!

Alas, I've got extra teenage boys coming for an overnight that weekend, so my friend is going to collect my packages for me. I did get to get to visit with Don the Beeman when we went up to Gainesville last weekend, so I have an idea of where my bees are coming from. I think I'm ready, but the real proof is when the thousands of ladies arrive!

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